4 Reasons Why Running Is Causing You Low Back Pain

Running with low back pain is pretty common across the board. From avid runners to weekend warriors back pain is not a judge of your fitness level.

In fact, it is powerful enough to make even the strongest most elite runners feel like complete crap. 

In today’s video, I want to talk to those who are frustrated about their low back pain and can’t seem to shake the fact that their low back pain is a constant hindrance in their running game. 

Specifically, I am going to cover 4 reasons you’re running with low back pain and what you can do about it. 

Is It Okay To Run With Low Back Pain

When it comes to running with low back pain you really need more context. It’s okay to run with lower back pain but the more important question you should be asking is whether the level of your sensitivity is ready for running.

Let me put it another way. 

If you’re in a lot of pain and your running is causing even more low back pain or an increase in sensitivity like clockwork then yes, running is not okay with low back pain. 

On the other side of that coin, eventually, you have to introduce running back into your routine if you ever want to get back to doing it in some capacity. Where the focus shifts to is introducing it correctly and slowly over time to build back resilience in your body.

What Are The Best Running Shoes For Low Back Pain

Despite what the running shoe industry will tell you your best bet would be to move away from the mainstream shoe companies promoting less control over your foot and more reliance on the actual shoe to do the body’s job. 

What I mean by that is over the years we have. become more reliant on our shoes to keep our feet aligned to make our running more “efficient” when in reality it’s only causing more damage to our bodies. 

What I suggest is getting into more natural shoes. 

You don’t have to go all neanderthal and start running barefoot but looking at more shoe companies like Altra, which are my personal favorite back pain friendly running shoe brand. 

I have personally owned 4 pairs and will continue buying their shoes for the rest of my life. 

I did an entire write-up on how bad shoes can really mess up your lower back 

Check it out here: The Truth About How Shoes Affect Your Back

I did another article on the best shoes for back pain. 

Check it out here: Best Shoes For Back Pain Sufferers

If you want to know what MY favorite brand is it would be Altra. I am currently doing ALL of my walking/running in these bad boys here.

How Do I Stop My Low Back From Hurting When I Run?

If you’re running with low back pain right now there are 4 main things that I try to focus on with clients.

I cover these 4 things in the video above so make sure you check that out. 

If I were to start with ONE major thing you can do if you running with low back pain now It would be to look at building more endurance in the core. 

Not just the abs though. I want you to focus on the hips as well. A lot of people just focus on the stomach when building more endurance and strength in the core but you need to learn how to tie in the hips as well. 

I break down exactly how to do this in the video but here is an example of a GREAT core exercise that will help if you’re running with low back pain now.

Don’t let the thumbnail fool you this is one of the best core exercises I give all of my runners. 

Looking To Get Back Into Running With Low Back Pain?

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