The Best Shoes For Back Pain Sufferers: 2020 Update

Have you ever taken home a pair of super expensive shoes (even if they were rated the best shoes for back pain sufferers) and after a while wearing them your back starts to ache? 

Do you have a hard time finding the best shoe to help keep your low back pain at bay and nothing you search seems to pull up any new info on what you should do? 

Finding the best shoes for back pain sufferers is not about how much money you spend or how long the shoes need before they are broken in or even better making sure the right inserts are in them that “fix” your foot issue. 

It’s time a real X – back pain sufferers sheds some light on the shoe industry and give you what actually matters when it comes to finding the best shoes for your low back pain relief. 

What Are The Best Shoes To Wear For Back Pain?

The most important factor (I dive deep into this in the video above) when it comes to whether or not the investment you just made is genuinely the best shoes for someone with back pain is whether or not the shoe in question allows you to have your foot in the most natural position possible. 

This means not being cramped in the toe box, not being super tight on the side, not having a constant pitch forward due to an overdeveloped heel, and most importantly not having a bunch of additives inside the shoes claiming more comfort and support. 

The more your foot can interact with the ground the better chance you have at building strength and stability in the lower leg and ankles. If you don’t think this plays a roll in how healthy your low back is you might want to sit back, grab a snack, and watch the video above! 

Can Shoes Help With Back Pain?

That is a BIG yes!

When you start focusing on how you move and activate the muscles God gave you in your body to build resilience and strength throughout the connection chain you will soon realize where so many common aches and pains come from. 

The catch when it comes to answering that question (can shoes help with back pain) is not necessarily the shoe that is in question. It’s more about what the shoes are doing to your body that could be causing an increase in sensitivity. 

Is it the brand?

Is it the type? 

Is it the price? 

These questions are actually answered with “it depends”. In the video above, I break open the truth about the shoe industry and why the three factors above both play into each other and against each other at the same time. 

I did an article a few years ago on how shoes affect low back pain. You can check it out here!

Can Wearing The Wrong Shoes Cause Lower Back Pain?


Take a look at the Chuck Taylor vs the traditional high heel. 

There is an obvious difference in these two when it comes to build and look but just think about what the body upstream from these shoes has to do in order to maintain a neutral upright/balance posture? 

What shoes are going to give the body a strong foundation to stack the joints upstream to promote healthier body positions? 

Which shoe is going to force everything upstream to compensate and take on a more unnatural body position? 

This is more of an aggressive example of how the show design can play a roll on a sensitive low back but this same difference she seen in shoes that are rated the best shoes for back pain sufferers.

What Are The Best Shoes For Back Pain?

What I can do below is share what I have found as the best shoes for back pain sufferers from either personal experience or the critical characteristics I point out in this week’s video.

The best brands that are F4BP approved are: I’ll link to styles I personally have used or like. 

Ultra Running Shoes

Vivo Barfoot

Lems Shoes

Some of the links above are affiliate links of products I support. Commissions on investing in one of the products goes towards keeping this site active. 

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