7 Minute Killer Plank Workout: Back Pain Friendly

I am pumped to share this 7 minute killer plank workout with you today for a couple of reasons. 

ONE: There aren’t many plank workouts that are actually fun to do that keep things interesting and don’t just have you holding. A plank for a God awful amount of time. 

TWO: Plank challenges suck and if you’re doing a plank RIGHT (like how I teach it here) you shouldn’t even be able to hold a plank for much longer then 45 seconds without getting the full body shakes. 

THREE: This workout combines some really fun and creative plank variations that can be modified for just about anyone. 

Does A 7 Minute Plank Workout Actually Work?

This question obviously needs a little context but yes, this 7 minute plank workout is a great source for building core stability, endurance and overall strength. 

Now, like anything else you need consistency and frequency in your training to see results. If you did this once time a month then no you won’t see any results from it. If you commit to doing this workout 2-3 times a week. 

Heck yeah you’re going to see some changes! 

Is This Plank Workout Safe For Fusions Or Past Disc Injuries?

With all sensitive low back situations you have to understand the context of your own injury before you jump head first into a workout. 

If you didn’t already know EVERYTHING I do here at fitness4backpain.com is done with the sensitive and post surgery individual in mind so yes these variations are safe but just be cautious of your fitness level. Some of these may be a little harder to do then others. 

When it comes to core training after a fusion or past disc injury it’s all about finding your specific entry point into the workout. So if the variation you start off with is a bit to tough for you to keep good form no sweat. Just back it down and modify the exercise until you feel confident in the amount of control you have of your form. 

When it comes to comfort and symptoms I like to say keep any feedback you might be getting from the exercise at or below a 4/10 on the pain scale. Anything above that and you’re starting to flirt with a potential flare up.

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