A good ab workout is priceless especially if it doesn’t hurt your low back or make any of your symptoms worse. You see so many people doing variations of crunches and sit-ups in the gym and to be honest, half of the time they are working their hip flexors and quads more than anything else.

If you want to follow a pain-free ab routine that is safe for your low back and builds stability around your spine this is one for you to check out.

In this 9 minute workout, I structure 4 exercises set to be done 45 seconds on 45 seconds off. You will see I only do 2 abbreviated rounds but you can add as many rounds as you want, decrease the rest time or increase the work time to fit your skill level.

9 Minute Ab Workout Exercise Cheat Sheet

  • Exercise 1: Ceiling Presses
  • Exercise 2: Hollow Kettlebell Leg Drop
  • Exercise 3: Halo’s
  • Exercise 4: Single Arm Kettlebell Holds or Rotations (BONUS)

This ab workout is rated to be safe for just about any low back pain situation. Everyone is a little different so be cautious and listen to your body.

If you’ve had a fusion I recommend checking out this video here

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