Lateral Lunges For Stronger Legs (safe for bad backs)

Do regular squats hurt your back?

Do you hate loaded bar squatting?

If so, let me give you an alternative exercise you can start doing even with a sensitive lower back.

Too much emphasis is placed on the barbell squat.

Yes, it is a great exercise but if your not looking to compete or really care about progressing with more and more weight on your back why do it?

In fact, I haven’t programmed barbell squatting into my own program in over 5 years and I’m doing just fine!

The lateral lunge is a great way to challenge the ability to build strength, endurance and improve balance as you train one side of the body at a time. The lateral lunge takes a little getting used to and may require a little ankle mobility work but should be a staple in your weekly lower body training.

Why Should I Do Lateral Lunges?

  • Reduces the amount of weight needed to challenge the leg for growth which means you’re safer and your lower back feels better.
  • Versatile in any situation whether doing them with just bodyweight or adding external weight such as dumbbells or weighted vest.
  • It can easily be modified for the most advanced lifter or beginner.

In this video, I will show you can build stronger legs using the lateral lunge exercise (even if you have a sensitive low back)

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