What would happen if you didn’t do anything for your nagging lower back pain? No stretching, no mobility, nothing. Thats the exact question that came in the other day from a reader and I am pumped to cover this unconventional question here today.

Doing less in and outside of the gym for your back pain may actually be more.

When it comes to navigating exercise around back pain I live and breathe by a minimalist way of life. There is a time and a place to do absolutely nothing but naturally we humans like to progress towards some type of goal. We want to work towards a solution to the problems we have.

Instead of over-complicating your initial jump into self-recovery, do the least amount of work possible and see how your body reacts. In my world as a trainer, this involves re-introducing the painful/scary movements back into your life only dramatically modified to fit your current condition.

I go over this concept along with 3 other powerful tools to use when taking a minimalist approach to exercise, weight loss and back pain.

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