Taking medication for pain relief is super common.

You have those who don’t care what it is as long as it takes the pain away they are happy. Then you have the people who don’t believe in taking anything and just bite down and bare it. Lastly, you have the people who just take a crap ton of OTC medication so they don’t feel guilty for taking the heavy stuff when in reality they are destroying their liver with their daily dose of drugs.

I know these types of people very well because I was just about all of them myself at some point. I was no different than anyone else. It was during that time that I was making zero progress with my own recovery and thought taking more medication would “kill” the inflammation and finally give me some long term relief.

I was wrong.

In todays video I’m going to give you the best way to approach medication and lower back pain recovery. If you are on the fence with what you should be taking and how you should be taking it this video is going to make things very clear and hopefully give you a different, healthier perspective.

In the video I reference where I do all of my in-depth strategy coaching on topics such as how to address floating muscle tightness, how to confidently exercise even with a sensitive back and how to teach your brain to stop sending pain signals to where you think your back is damaged. 

We go over these things and more inside the F4BP Private Membership. 

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