Dumbbell Workout For Abs | Try my 9 minute back friendly abs workout

Looking for a back-friendly abs workout you can do right at home in under 10 minutes? 

Today’s video is perfect for you then! 

Save this dumbbell workout for abs to your favorite core workout playlist because this is one you can do over and over. 

I put together this fun follow-along abs workout you can do with a simple set of dumbbells that will build endurance, strength, and stability in the trunk without hurting your lower back.

After watching this video be sure to come back and check out this master list of some of my best back pain friendly core training content!

Discover the best way to train your core with lower back pain and what you've been doing wrong all this time.

It’s critical to think twice about doing any old core workout especially if you’re dealing with any sort of lower back sensitivity. 

I have a free gift I want to give you that will walk you through exactly how you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be training your core especially if you have a history of lower back pain. 

Grab it below! 

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