Fear is to back pain like white is to rice. More specifically the fear of movement. If you are afraid to do certain things or move a certain way out of re-injuring your lower back today’s video is for you. Today, we are going to cover why it may not be picking up after your kids or sitting at your desk job that is causing your flair ups. It could be something deeper (that you can still overcome!) 

When it comes to fear and movement, our brains are wired to self-preserve. We don’t want to cause more damage to something that we may have injured so we will work around it. Well, if you do this long enough you are bound to develop issues that could have been prevented in the first place. Think of an old injury that you may have had and instead of addressing it you just kinda made things happen without it or maybe you just babied it even after you healed and now X years later you don’t trust its strength. 

For lack of better words, this builds a specific narrative in your mind that you convince yourself is the truth.

My ankles are weak because I would always roll them as a kid..that’s why I don’t play sports as an adult.

I heard a pop and found out that I had a herniated disc in my lumbar spine after some deadlifts. That’s why I just don’t do deadlifts at all these days.

You can insert your own experience but the bottom line is our bodies react to what our brain believes is true. Unfortunately, fear can drive our decisions and create a response in the form of chronic pain. One example of this is what I call our bodies natural “Protection Mechanism”. 

Fear of Movement and Back Pain

This is often seen with people who have been told or believe something to be true about their spine or bodies ex. Your discs are degenerative. You have the spine of someone twice your age. You have multiple herniated discs in your lumbar spine etc. etc.

Depending on our personalities we can respond to this information differently. Unfortunately for most,  this is where chronic pain/symptoms can stem from. 

You see, without the ability to experience pain the human race wouldn’t survive. The trick is knowing how to navigate your pain to beat the mental prison you may be in.

I dive into your body’s “Protection Mechanism” in today’s video below. I share with you what happens and how our bodies tend to respond to old injuries or bad news about our spine. I also share some examples of how I dealt with this for so long but was able to find freedom which unlocked so much healing potential. 

Thanks for watching guys and as always, you sharing this content can help hundreds of people that could be struggling with their own chronic pain. Help them by sharing this post!

Your Coach, 


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