If you are like most back pain sufferers you wish you could be handed the best book that would deliver the best results when it coms to back pain relief. Not just another book on stupid stretches but something that really leaves lasting results.

I have personally own and have read a lot of “the best books for back pain” since starting on my own pain relief journey almost 8 years ago. I did a short article on some of them HERE.

From college textbooks to medical journals and even popular books like 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back and Deskbound.

The majority of what is out there is junk.

Some books on back pain will give you small nuggets of wisdom to walk away with but most are just regurgitated crap that really can only be applied in certain situations.

In today’s video i’m going to to share with you 2 of the most influential books as a whole. These 2 book have stood the test of time. Even as new resources from authors I trust pop up, these books are still the only two that I consistently give out as my go to.

Check them out!

What books have you read that have left a lasting impression? Is it a blog? A book?

Let me know in the comments below!

Your Coach,


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