Full Body Strength Workout Safe For Herniated & Bulging Discs

If you’ve been trying to build strength to get back to living with more freedom and confidence in your body, but you are scared of causing more pain or can’t seem to shake the constant flare-ups you feel, then this video is for you.

In today’s video, I will break down one of my recent full-body workouts and explain the best way of following the same routine for yourself.

Pay close attention because the devil is in the details, and quite often, you’re in pain because of simple mistakes you keep making.

Don’t forget to download the exercise list, reps & sets for today’s workout here.

You can print them off and take them with you and try this workout out for yourself! 

Is Exercise Safe After A Bulging Disc?

Yes, exercise is safe after a bulging disc, herniated disc, and even any level of spinal fusion. 

Where the rubber meets the road is how that exercise is applied to your specific situation. 

I always tell people that there isn’t a list of wrong exercises vs. right exercises, but when someone is in pain or at risk of a flare-up, we have to choose the exercises wisely. 

Here’s the kicker: What is good or bad for you does not mean it would be good or bad for the next person. 

The best thing for you to do is

A) Get coaching to help dial in your program or

B) start simple with a proven back-friendly workout routine structure and modify from there. 

What Are The Best Exercises For A Herniated Disc?

If I could start in one specific area with exercise after a herniated disc, it would be a focus on core coordination. 

Core coordination is a combination of core endurance and stability. 

Protecting the spine is critical, and a solid understanding of the core roll in movement and exercise will serve you for a lifetime. 

We often lead with our lower backs contracting our lower backs before anything else. Over time, this can lead to overworked muscle in the lower back or a constant level of sensitivity for chronic back pain sufferers. 

So when in doubt, start with some ab exercises. Core training will NOT take away your back pain, but it is an excellent start in building the necessary blocks for your relief strategy. 

Want The Full Exercise List, Reps & Sets For Today's Workout?

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