Here's The Best Exercise Bike For Back Pain

It can be hard trying to figure out what the best bike for lower back pain is. You can’t just go buy every bike advertised as THE BIKE for back pain sufferers nor do you have access to a bunch you can try out for free. 

SO what do you do? 

How do you go about not only finding the best exercise bike for your lower back pain needs but getting back on the bike without causing more pain and massive flair-ups? 

Riding a bike whether it’s a cycling bike, mountain bike, or exercise bike can be a challenge if you have a history of low back pain.

Which is why I wanted to make this video giving you my opinion of the best exercise bike for back pain as well as 4 tips for riding any bike if you have a sensitive low back. 

Which Exercise Bike Is The Best For Lower Back Pain?

The first thing to keep in mind is that all back situations are very different. What I can give you here today is a great starting point but like most situations, you may need to fine-tune the approach for your specific pain levels.

**This article may have affiliate links to products that I have in my gym. If you do purchase something I get a kickback at no additional cost to you**

Hands down for me the best bike has been the upright bike. This is very similar to spin-type bikes and can be found in most gyms or purchased for yourself online. 

The bike I show you in today’s video is one of the better brands I found selling on Amazon. I picked it up a couple of years ago and have been loving it ever since. 

So what makes the upright or spin bike so good for lower back pain suffers? 

Well for starters I like the position it puts the body in compared to the recumbent bikes. 

You have more control over what’s going on in the lower back and can come in and out of a flexed position way easier. 

Most low back pain sufferers get achy and sensitive if they have been in one position for too long so the upright bikes allow you to adjust on the fly to give yourself some variety. 

This along with the bonus points I make in today’s video makes these types of bikes a no-brainer for low back pain sufferers. 

Here is the link to the Spin Bike I have in my own private studio. 

Is It Safe To Ride A Bike With Lower Back Pain

I typically start by asking whether or not you’ve been cleared to exercise by your doctor. 

If so then nothing is off the table as far as what you can and cannot do until you try it for yourself. 

When it comes to biking there are a few factors to consider. 

  • How long are your rides?
  • How often do you ride?
  • What type of riding do you do?

These matter because what people don’t understand when it comes to biking with lower back pain is that it does not matter whether or not you own the best exercise bike for lower back pain or not. 

If you constantly exceed your own personal pain threshold or trainable threshold then you will always be in pain. 

It won’t matter if you are on a mountain bike, road bike, or exercise bike. You will be too sensitive and irritated to know which one is better for you. 

Get to know your “trainable threshold” as Tony Gentlecore likes to say and always aim to stay under it with small jumps to grade progress and challenge yourself appropriately. 

I break this down even more in this week’s full video.

walking for back pain relief

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