What Is The Best Chair For Back Pain? This will shock you

If you have ever had lower back pain then you have probably searched for the answer to the question “what is the best chair for back pain?”. 

The reality is we all sit a lot which means if we have low back pain the sitting either makes it worse or always brings some underlying discomfort and fear around sitting. 

After rupturing my L5-S1 disc 8+ years ago and working in the Healthcare Recruiting industry for a stent of time I know a thing or two about sitting. 

So today I want to share with you what my experience has been in my endeavor of finding the BEST chair for back pain and I am confident the chair or maybe chairs I suggest will shock you. 

How Do I Choose A Chair For Back Pain?

I think our impulse when it comes to choosing the best chair for back pain is to look at the most expensive ones first or find a chair that was designed with the low back pain sufferers in mind. 

The problem I have with this is that there are so many variables to back pain that it would be impossible and false advertisement to slap a label on a chair making it the best chair for back pain. 

What makes your lower back hurt when sitting is different than the next person which is why I always suggest zooming out and looking more at the big picture. 

Your achy back needs movement. It needs variety so when picking a chair it’s less about the material or bells and whistles but how much variety of movement can you get with it. 

If you break this down most decent office chairs come with a standard set of features so what happens when you buy the $1,000 chair and the back pain is still there?

This is where the variety comes in and is probably one of the most important elements to picking the right chair OR chairs for the most relief.

I dive into this step by step in the above video!

Standing Desk Vs Sitting Desk For Back Pain?

The truth is both are great and both work mutually well especially for lower back pain but if you swing too much towards one side you will have problems. 

When the standing desk craze first started it made total sense. 

The thought was: Sitting is killing us slowly so we should stand more.

So we all went out and bought these standing workstations but then we were standing all day with our muscles constantly being on and used without much break. 

Soon people started to complain of a different kind of lower back pain or knee pain from all the standing in one place. 

What in the world do you do then!? 

Well, it goes back to the word I used above and what I break down in this week’s video. 

Your body needs variety. 

So use both.