How Often Should I Workout With Back Pain?

Have you ever wondered whether or not the amount of working out you’re doing affects how your back feels?

Nine times out of 10, if you have a history of back pain or you’re trying to exercise post-fusion, you’re doing too much. 

A common theme I see with post-fusion and back pain sufferers is not giving their bodies the chance to heal and recover fully.

This leads to overtraining, an overloaded central nervous system, and a dialed-up pain system. 

So what do we do about it? 

In today’s video, I will give you the exact workout frequency (schedule per week) that I have had the most success with, along with dialing it up and down to better fit your needs.

Is Working Out With Back Pain Dangerous?

This is a question that I know just about every back pain and post-fusion warrior has asked themselves at one point. 

It makes total sense. You’re in pain, and you don’t want to make your pain worse by trying to exercise. 

To answer the question directly. No exercise is NOT dangerous for low back pain or post-fusion individuals, BUT the exercise choice and the method of execution WILL influence how you feel after. 

The key to using exercise as a tool out of pain and doing the things you love is making sure you stay under your current pain threshold. I like to use a pain scale of 0-10. 

0 being no pain and 10 being very painful. You want to be no higher than a 4/10 pain when it comes to exercise.

Use the pain scale tool the next time you are at the gym. 


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