2 Core Training Secrets For Back Pain Relief | #2 is BIG

How many times have you gone to try a new core exercise, and it seemed to do nothing for your back but cause more pain?

Or maybe the rehab exercises you were given are no longer practical as they once were, and you’re starting to get more and more pain in your lower back.

Many people I work with are here, and it’s often a simple fix.

In today’s video, I want to break down two of the most effective core training “secrets” I don’t see many people teaching on the internet that has been the most impactful with my clients over the years.

In today’s video, I’m going to break down:

  • What the best approach is for training the core when you’re in pain
  • The secret mental mantra that I teach my clients when doing core exercises (that works with other exercises as well)

Where Should I Start With Building Core Strength For Back Pain Relief?

The best first step for building core strength for back pain relief  is doing an audit of your current exercise choice. 

Often times we pick exercise that are two aggressive and end up causing subtle irritation that lingers and never really goes away. 

For starters I would do simple exercises like. 

Dead bugs 

Stir The Pots 

And simple core bracing

Most people overlook the basics and forget that mastering a few exercises is far better than having a big library of exercises just to keep things “fresh”. 

From there learn to utilize the secrets I cover in today’s video to dial in reasons why you may still be in pain doing them. 

What Are The Best Core Exercises For Back Pain Relief?

I have covered core training pretty extensively here on the website and YouTube channel so I’ll post some of the top ones below!

let’s start here…

10 Minute Core Workout: Back Pain Friendly

Top Banded Core Exercises For Back Pain Relief

4 Core Exercises Safe For Bulging Discs

Top 10 Core Exercises Safe For Spinal Fusions

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