How To Fix Back Pain When Bending Over | STOP your "Shovel Butt"

If you’ve had back pain for any amount of time bending over is probably on your list of things you hate to do.

Not only does it hurt but you’re scared of creating more pain and damage to your already messed up back.

You’re in luck because there are billions of people just like you who experience the same pain and fear with bending. What we have to do now is break down WHY you have back pain when bending over and start making small tweaks to see the most improvement possible.

That’s exactly what this video is for today. I want to show you my most powerful approach to bending over with back pain to see an instant change in the pain your experience.

My Back Hurts When I Bend Over What Should I Do?

This is a very common question, and probably one of the top internet searches for those dealing with chronic back pain. 

The problem is the solutions you find when searching is often counterproductive. 

The first step to bending over with low back pain is NOT to remove bending from your routine. 

No, you want to keep bending but do it in a way that does not provoke your pain. 

This means learning to change the weight distribution, core brace, and technique to build better habits around what is now a painful movement. 

Eliminating or refraining from bending will only create more fear around bending, creating more pain. 

What I’ll show you I’m today’s video is the best first place to start when it comes to learning how to bend over and lift with low back pain. 

Master this strategy for fixing “shovel butt” first and we can move on to the next roadblock!