Why I DON'T Stretch For Back Pain Relief | My response to Yoga With Adriene (Reaction Video!)

One of the first things I turned to for my chronic lower back pain was stretching. At the time, it made sense. My back was constantly tight, and I would get a small amount of relief when I stretched the muscles.

The relief would never stick around though, and in most cases, the pain would worsen once the “stretch reflex” wore off.

I probably watched and participated in hundreds of yoga for back pain relief videos, and none of them actually did anything for my chronic back pain.

If you currently practice yoga or feel without daily yoga practice, your back pain quickly returns; I want to share a different perspective.

In fact, I want to challenge you to completely eliminate doing yoga stretches for lower back pain relief.

Today I did a reaction video to a popular Yoga YouTube Channel, Yoga With Adriene.

You can check out Adriene’s channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/yogawithadriene.

Adriene has a huge channel and has done BIG things in the Yoga industry. I have got NOTHING against Adriene as a person or what she is doing for the Yoga industry.

However, I want to focus on her approach to Yoga for low back pain relief. I don’t know her history with low back pain and if she has ever really dealt with chronic lower back herself. But coming from someone who has dealt with it, most of what she teaches in this video, I would never suggest a chronic back pain individual do.

Not everything in her video is wrong though.

In this reaction video, I comment on the good and the bad from the perspective of someone who has dealt with back pain for years and led thousands worldwide to find their own relief without stretching.

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Is Yoga Good For Back Pain Relief?

If you want to constantly chase that “feel good” sensation stretching brings to your lower back but never really fix the problem for good, then yes, stretching is perfect for that. 

If you want to experience life the way it was before your pain becomes chronic, you have to abandon short-term fixes such as “yoga for back pain” and learn to take control over what you’re already doing in your life. 

Yoga is something at one point you added to your life or routine, not what need do to sustain life. 

Yoga has its place when given the proper context, but unfortunately, it’s followed blindly by people suffering in pain, and it needs to stop. 

What Are The Worst Stretches For Back Pain Relief?

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