Is The Cat Cow Stretch Good For Back Pain?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock if you’ve searched anything that has to do with stretching and back pain odds are the cat cow stretch for back pain relief has come up. 

Now, if you’ve ever tried the Cat-Cow Stretch for back pain relief it either:

A) Magically healed you of all your pain (probably not)

B) Reduced your symptoms but didn’t take the pain away for good or

C) Caused more sensitivity than you had before. 

If the cat cow stretch didn’t heal your pain and you’re wondering whether or not the cat cow is best for you and your back pain situation today’s video is for you!

In this video I cover: 

  • The major PRO to the Cat Cow stretch for back pain relief 
  • The CONS to using the Ccta Cow Stretch For LONG-TERM back pain relief
  • How I would approach the Cat Cow stretch if you really want to see if it works for you.

Is The Cat Cow Bad For Your Back?

Whether or not the cat cow stretch is bad for your back will depend on how you’re using it and the way your body responds. 

By itself no, the cat cow stretch is not bad for your back.

Now, if you’re really sensitive then yes, the cat cow can keep you sensitive and continue to “pick the scab” (as Stu McGill says) of your injury mechanism. 

What this means is if you are flexion intolerant then getting into an aggressive flexion-based stretched could make your symptoms worse. The same goes with extension. 

Constantly going in and out of extension could keep your lower back in a highly sensitive state which would make this stretch worthless to you. 

If you want to know how to do the Cat Cow with a sensitive low back in mind check out the video!

Why is The Cat Cow Stretch Good For Back Pain

Well, one of the main PROS I have with the Cat Cow stretch for back pain is the movement it provides to the spine. Movement is a great tool to use when it comes to long-term back pain relief.

Unfortunately, most people take a more passive approach to back pain and spend more time removing movement from their diet thinking they are protecting their backs from further pain and injury. 

So with the right amount of movement, you can open up the door to reduce the fear you have around movement along with regaining more resilience with these now painful ranges of motion.

Why Is The Cat Cow Stretch Bad For Low Back Pain?

So now we get into the nitty-gritty of whether or not you should be using the cat cow stretch in your back pain relief program.

For this one, I have to point you back to the video because I dive into a lot of this there and give you more of an in-depth breakdown! 

Go check out the video for the full response!

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