My Best Upper Body Workout With Herniated Disc

Finding the best exercises to piece together for a good upper body workout with a herniated disc can be a challenge. 

You try to do the basic lifts like bench press or shoulder press but something about them triggers your back pain which doesn’t seem to settle and go away for weeks.

If you struggle to put together an upper body workout with a herniated disc this workout video is going to be perfect for you!

In today’s upper body workout video I take you along on a recent workout I did for myself. Like all of my workouts, they are great for anyone with a history of disc herniations, bulges, and even post-surgery such as a Fusion or disc repair surgery. 

Be sure to get cleared by your doctor before attempting any workouts after surgery.

Can I Lift Weights With A Herniated Disc?

The first step with seeing whether or not you’re safe lifting weights after a disc herniation is to get cleared by your doctor. 

Everyone experiences disc herniations differently but a simple clearance from your doctor is all you need. After that yes, it’s totally safe for you to lift weights with a disc herniation.

In fact, a strategic strength training program is the key to reversing a disc herniation and being able to lift even more weight than you could before. 

But before you push it too hard start small and build up resilience in the tissues and confidence in your body so that you not only have a positive outlook on your ability to bounce back after a disc herniation but can lift more weights than ever before with doing more damage. 

What Is the Best Workout Program For Herniated Discs Or Bulging Discs?

I recently did an entire series on this exact topic where I break down not only the do’s and don’ts of exercise with a disc injury but how to build your program as well as train the different muscles groups. 

Ill share the links to the videos below! 

VIDEO 1: Exercise With A Herniated Disc: 3 Things You Must Know

VIDEO 2: Core Exercises Safe For Herniated Discs

VIDEO 3: How To Train legs With A Herniated Disc

BONUS: Here Is My YouTube Masterlist Of My Best Disc Herniation And Bulge Content!

Disc Herniation and Disc Bulge Friendly Workout

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