How To Recover From An Acute Back Pain Flare-Up In Record Time!

If you’re dealing with a current acute back pain injury or recent acute back pain flare-up this post is for you! 

I know how frustrating a back injury can be especially when you’re in the gym trying to improve your health and build muscle so that you can get out of the pain you are already in. 

So what do you do if you cause a back pain flare-up or are dealing with an acute injury? 

Should you keep exercising? 

Should you rest and just ice-pack and heating pad it up for the next few weeks? 

I break it all down and give you my step-by-step approach for responding to an acute back pain injury the exact way I recently did it for my own injury!

In this acute back pain flare-up how to you you’ll discover

  • The two most important things you have to do FIRST after an injury
  • How to use walking to speed up your recovery and what you should be doing on your walk to maximize your results. 
  • How to use specific movements as an introduction back into weight lifting along with the 3 that I have used time and time again. 
  • A sample workout designed to get back into weights without causing a flair-up with the exact exercises I used for myself. 

Can I Use These Acute Back Pian Flare-Up Strategies To Help With My Chronic Pain?

Absolutely and in fact, the acute back pain flare-up strategies I use in this mini-series are a part of a bigger strategy to overcome chronic pain as well. 

These strategies will not only speed up the recovery time during an acute injury but will teach you the key desensitizing strategies I teach all of my chronic back pain students. 

Acute Back Pain Flare-Up Recovery Step 1

In this video, I am going to cover the 2 most important first steps to getting you off the couch, away from over-the-counter pain killers, heating pads, and ice packs.

A few things to note: 

After an acute back injury, the main goal is to get you moving as soon as possible. At first, you will want to lay around and milk the injury simply because it hurts and any movement may be extremely difficult. 

The secret to speeding up your recovery is to start MOVING. Even if it hurts. Even if it causes some muscle spasms you’ve got to find a way to move that is safe and keeps you from just laying around. 

I’ll break this down more in the video below with some examples of what you can do. 

Let’s dive in!

Acute Back Pain Flare-Up Recovery Step 2

We talked about the first two things you need to focus on in the video above now let’s break down one of the most powerful tools for acute back pain injury recovery and that’s walking. 

There’s a reason why walking is so powerful if used properly.

It’s one of the easiest introductions to exercise and does not favor any one muscle but uses them all at the same time. Not only does this help get fresh oxygenated blood circulating throughout the body (especially to the injured site) but it allows you to use the muscles that are cramping, tight, tense, or spasming in a low impact non-threatening way. 

In this video, I take you along with me on a recent walk where I implement exactly what you should be doing for yourself. 

Let’s dive in!

Acute Back Pain Flare-Up Recovery Step 3

So you’ve taken a few days maybe even a week or so to get moving using some walking and mindset shifts now let’s walk through what I call a movement workout to help introduce more “threatening ” movements back into your day in a controlled manner. 

This movement workout is comprised of common movements that our body and spine are designed to go through. These are not dangerous or harmful if done correctly and within your current pain threshold. 

What I need you to make sure you do is watch each movement and apply them slowly to your strategy. Be willing to make adjustments and tweak them to fit your needs. 

As far as applying this workout to your strategy this is what I would do: 

Try to get this workout in 4-5 days a week after some kind of warm-up. Don’t do it as your early am routine to “wake up”. You want to be good and warm before going through this so take the time to do that.

Acute Back Pain Flare-Up Recovery Step 4

Alright so hopefully you’ve given yourself some time to work on the movement workouts in the previous video. Depending on where you are and how much time has passed you should be seeing some relief with your acute back pain.

Based on how you feel eventually you will want to be introducing more strength aspects to your recovery plan that challenge these painful muscles.

In this video, I break down the exact exercises I picked for my workout, why I picked them and how I am navigating them in my condition. 

The small nuggets in this video are priceless if you’re looking to introduce exercises into your recovery strategy. 

This mini-series was a ton of fun to put together (even If I was the one in pain). If you liked it make sure you share this page with someone you think could use it! 

If you’re new here be sure to pick up my free 7 Day Back-Friendly Workout. It would be a great transition from the Back Injury Friendly Workout above. 

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