The Childs Pose is at the top of my “yoga poses back pain sufferers should not do” list.

If your lower back feels like a rubber band that has been stretched to its max length and you are desperately searching for a solution I am here to tell you that the Childs Pose is not it.

You can do a YouTube search right now on stretches for low back pain relief and you will get hours of terrible advice (primarily from yoga pros that seem to just regurgitate the same information they see on YouTube themselves).

The short term relief you feel when doing the child’s pose is exactly that. Short term. You are chasing the stretch reflex in the muscle and creating an even more painful and unstable environment for your lower back.

In this video, I dive into why you need to stop doing this stretch as along with a few options to try instead!

1 thought on “STOP Doing This Yoga Stretch: The Childs Pose

  1. Brian: the warm up here was excellent grabbing the pole will help overcoming the fear of squatting I am going to stay though at 90 degrees. Thanks for sending this to me. Jack

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