Start Doing These 3 Powerful Resistance Band Core Exercises Now!

Do you feel like you’re running out of core workout ideas?

Tired of the ones that cause your low back to hurt and even more tired of the same old planks and bird dogs? 

If so, I’m pumped to share with you these 3 resistance band core exercises you can do with a simple doorway and resistance band setup.

What I Used For This Resistance Band Core Workout

There are two main tools that I am using for this resistance band core workout. The first and probably the most important are resistance bands. 

There are a lot of bands you can pick from but a brand that I have used before is this one right here. 

Now you can attach these bands to a lot of things but I am a big fan of the Evolve Over Pull Up Bar. 

You can grab one here and get a solid discount using “F4BP” at checkout.

back pain friendly workout

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