How To Find Pelvic Neutral And Get Fast Back Pain Relief

Have you ever wondered whether or not your pelvis or hips are in a neutral position when doing an exercise? 

Maybe you have pain with doing things like sitting for too long, standing, or with various exercises but buying that expensive new office chair or standing desk didn’t fix the pain and you don’t even know where to begin with exercise.

If that sounds like you then you’re going to really dig today’s video. 

I want to give you 3 quick tips for finding a neutral pelvis and learning how to move and build strength around this neutral position. 

The better you can understand what neutral pelvis is for you the faster you can get out of chronic back pain, get stronger, and back to living the life you want. 


pelvic neutral exercises

How Do You Keep Your Pelvis In A Neutral Position?

The first and most important part of keeping your pelvis in a neutral position is understanding what “neutral pelvis” is for you. 

We often get caught up in cues we hear from our trainers or YouTube fitness pro’s like “tuck your butt”, “Chest out butt out” or the one I hate the most “flatten your lower back into the ground”. 

As someone who is not a “fit pro” you may not understand when these cues need to be applied and when they don’t need to be applied.

So what we first have to do is STOP using those cues with the majority of the exercises we are doing and start focusing first on finding what neutral is for you. 

There are three ways to find a neutral pelvis that I like using:

  1. PCV Pipe Strategy
  2. On All 4’s Bottle Rock Strategy
  3. On Your Back Strategy

I break these down in today’s full video! 


pelvic neutral exercises

What Is A Neutral Pelvic Tilt?

This is essentially the best position for your pelvis to be in to stack your body efficiently. Everyone has a different “neutral tilt” so it’s not best to go off of pictures or what other people who are not in pain look like. 

Instead, to find your neutral pelvic tilt you have to do a little exploring of your body and pelvic position to see what feels good, what causes pain, and what positions take the pain away completely. 

Armed with this you can apply this with everything else you do.

walking for back pain relief

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