One of the best things you can do while navigating chronic back pain or life after major back surgery is to start experimenting with simple exercises that don’t require a lot of movement. 

Wait…exercise is movement..right?

Let me explain.

For you, there are 3 critical components to getting back to doing the activities and hobbies you love without pain. 

Strength – Movement – Mindset

You need all of these 3 components working together if you ever want to live without chronic pain. You can’t just “exercise more” nor can you just think positive thoughts about your pain for it to go away. 

What you do need are introductory exercises that put your MIND at ease by being simple yet effective enough to strengthen the body.

What makes a core exercise simple yet effective at the same time?

Great question. In my world, my biggest goal with exercise and low back pain is to get people building confidence in their bodies again. I hear time and time again about how it’s too late, I have had 5+ surgeries, I wish I had this informtion before today, so on and so forth.

While this may be true, you are still very capable of rebuilding resilience back into your body and doing the things you love without chronic pain. What you need is the right entry-level exercise to get the ball rolling.

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