Some of the simplest exercises can trigger low back pain. Take bicep curls and shoulder presses for example. These are not necessarily considered “risky” exercises for someone who has a sensitive low back but depending on how they do them it could really mess them up.

Today, I want to give you a quick fix for low back pain when doing bicep curls and/or presses.

Instead of just going lighter or taking them out altogether I want to show you a few quick tricks you can start implementing into your workouts to not only address back pain with curls and presses but for any other exercises that could be causing low back irritation.

How do these quick fixes work?

What I want you to think about when it comes to exercising with back pain is how you are managing the position of your pelvis and spine. I am not saying you have to keep a perfectly neutral spine but if you are dealing with a sensitive low back you have to make sure you are keeping yourself out of those sensitive ranges until you have built more resilient/pain-free movement in them.

Most people go into the gym thinking simply exercising will help but there is a line you have to be mindful of that could make your pain even worse.

What you will learn today is a simple way of making sure that line isn’t crossed!

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