The Best Massage Gun On The Market: Achedaway Massage Gun Review

When it comes to finding the best massage gun on the market there are a few things you need to consider because what’s great for one person may not be great for another. 

In today’s video, I break down what I think is one of the best massage guns on the market with a fair mid-level price. Not only that but I also want to shed some light on the best way of going about using these tools in your routine. 

What Is The best Massage Gun On The Market

When it comes down to being one of the best massage guns on the market (in my opinion) you have to look at a few different things. 

ONE: How powerful is this massage gun? I would assume that the majority of users want to really dig into some nagging areas they have not been able to get to so taking more of a deep tissue approach will more than likely happen. 

For these people, they don’t want a tool that doesn’t have the amplitude to manage that kind of pressure, OR when they do really dig in the battery drains too quickly. 

So your gun needs to be able to withstand that abuse. 

TWO: Sound. There really isn’t’ a perfect time to use a massage gun and while most people will use this in the comfort of their own homes it will normally be in front of the TV or before bed. 

I don’t know about you but I don’t want a jigsaw sounding device going off next to me when I am trying to binge-watch the latest Netflix series. 

So when buying a massage gun you want it to be QUALITY both internally and externally. This means the connections, battery pack, and overall frame is solid.

The cheaper you go the more of a chance you have at the manufacturers skipping some steps on the precision of how things fit which leads to a clunky, noisy device. 

THREE: Variety of heads. Believe it or not, your kit may come with 5 different heads but there is a chance that none of them will achieve the result you’re looking for. 

There is a number of reasons for this but mainly because the heads just don’t fit your body or the variety is lacking in something soft and simple. 

For example, my wife leans a bit more on the skinny side so 90% of the heads this gun comes with hurt too much. There is one head in the kit we have that is soft AND effective enough to allow her to still use it and see some benefit. To me this is critical. For someone to spend $300 on a product and find out that it’s too hard or abusive for their needs is a big waste! 

Are Massage Guns Any Good?

This is the big debate right now. Are massage guns any good? There are people like Tom Brady who swears by the tool and there are others who say there is zero supporting evidence of their effectiveness therefore they are trash. 

This back and forth will never go away and is why as Americans we will always be divided on just about every subject. 

So it will come down to WHY you are buying the tool in the first place.

Do you have nagging low back pain and you think digging this tool into your back will bring relief?

Are you looking for something to add to your workout recovery?

Or maybe you just like massages and this is a great way to get more massages without having to always ask you’re significant other.  

All of these are valid reasons but not all a good reason to buy one. 

So you have to really think about why you’re getting it and make a decision from there. 

Achedway Massage Gun Review

The guys over at Achedaway massage guns were nice enough to give my readers $25 off their purchase of one of their Achedaway massage guns. 

After messing around with this specific product I am confident this is a solid buy. 

You can use the discount code “F4BPFAMILY” at checkout to get $25 off your purchase.

To pick one up just go to their site here!