The Supine Low Back Stretch You Should Not Be Doing

There are a number of supine low back stretches and odds are if you’re looking for one to use you’re probably are experiencing so low back pain or tightness. 

You’re probably saying to yourself…well duh captain obvious! 

Now that I know that you know that I know what you’re going through and looking for I want to tell you you won’t find it doing the majority of the stretches you find. 

I know it’s heartbreaking but it’s true. And I’m not just saying this to be divisive or be “different” online. I was a chronic low back pain sufferer for many years and I know firsthand what works and what doesn’t and after watching this video you will know yourself why this stretch is worthless for getting the relief you want. 

Other Stretches You Shouldn't Be Doing For Back Pain Relief

When it comes to stretching for low back pain relief we tend to start stretching at the wrong time…once we are in pain. 

Our bodies are freaking out and causing low back tightness so the common sense thing to do would be to stretch this newly tight area. 


And the twist stretch above is not the only stretch you should stay away from. Below is a list of stretches I have covered so far.

Why I Stopped Stretching

The Cobra Pose/Stretch

Knees To Chest Stretch

Childs Pose

How To Use Exercise To Stop The Need To Stretch

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