The Best Tight Glute Release Strategy (6 Steps)

Are your glutes constantly getting tight after leg days, long walks, or runs? 

Have you played around with a few stretches but can’t seem to find anything that really targets the area you want to hit? 

Today’s video is going to break down my simple 6 step protocol for some basic maintenance on your glutes. 

It’s a super simple process to follow and can be done with minimal tools, space, or experience with stretching or tissue release. 

On top of that, these exercises are of course low back pain friendly! 

Why Are My Glutes Always Tight?

There is a number of reasons why your glutes are always tight. The first issue to look at and probably the most common is how conditioned your glute and hip area is. 

Often times the body responds to a lack of strength to support the current lifestyle by producing tightness and knots.

So before you go making it a big deal start with training the posterior chain more. 

Me personally I would spend 2-3 exercises alone just on glutes and hamstrings on any normal leg day. Weak glutes and hamstrings have been an issue for me in the past so I have committed to making this a priority in my training.

What Are The Best Tools To Address Tight Glutes?

I try to keep things simple when it comes to tools that I prefer to use in my tissue maintenance protocol.

Here are two of the ones I mention in this video: 

The Orb Ball 


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