The Best Way To Return To Exercise After Covid 19 Recovery (3 key things)

Returning to exercise after a Covid 19 recovery can be scary but it shouldn’t keep you from getting back into the gym. 

After a Covid 19 recovery you probably have a lot of questions and fears circling in your head like: 

Do I have any permanent damage?

Will I be able to get back to normal?

Is exerciser after my covid 19 recovery even safe?

For some of you with pre-existing low back pain, the stress, anxiety and time off from the gym can make your symptoms even worse

Today I want to share with you 3 simple things to remember and do when it comes to getting back into the gym after recovering from COVID 19. 

Should I Still Exercise During The COVID 19 Pandemic

Absolutely yes. 

Exercising during the Covid 19 pandemic is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself both physically and mentally.

Research has always proven that exercise is literally the best way to boost the immune system over time (along with hundreds of other benefits). 

What better time to really hunker down and invest in your body then during a global pandemic. Going to the local gym might be hard and a bit overwhelming to you but as retailers catch back up with their supplies, gym equipment will be easier to come by and building your own private “Rona-free’ environment will be the new norm in 2021.

I say to get into a basic routine that works for you and your schedule and goals so that exercising during this Covid 19 pandemic can be a breeze and fit right into your new at-home life.

How Long Should I Wait After My Covid 19 Recovery To Start Exercising?

When it comes to the exact time you should be waiting after a Covid 19 diagnoses to start exercise will vary widely. 

The reason for this is that you have people in different camps. 

You have to consider things like:

How severe their time was with COVID 19. 

How healthy they were before their Covid 19 recovery.

Whether or not they have any underlying issues or above average complications with Covid 19.

These will all determine when you should start exercising after a Covid 19 diagnosis. 

I know people personally who were avid fitness folk before being diagnosed with Covid 19 and despite the severity of their symptoms they tried doing something (even if it was as small as going for a walk) after their worst days were over and the downswing was in site. 

The most important thing would be to first consult with your physician and keep track of your symptoms (unless you’re like me than you would probably just ride it out at home and look for signs of recovery).

If you start to feel better and you can confirm that you have no MAJOR pressing complications I say start out slow and follow the 3 key points in this week’s video above. 

Can I Run After Having Covid 19?

When compared to strength training I think running will be the hardest to return to after a covid 19 recovery. 

If we look at the most obvious facts we know that the Covid 19 impacts the respiratory system which directly affects how we process oxygen. 

We all know that running requires a lot of healthy oxygen exchange so if you’re coming down off of a Covid 19 recovery this will be something you have to pay close attention to. 

Going from being off for a couple weeks as you recover to getting back into running requires a plan of attack that takes into consideration not only the affects your Covid 19 recovery but also how deconditioned you have become from not being able to run. 

So for me…I would be extra cautious and start with a simple walk and see how my body responds during and after this time. After a few days I might break into a short 5 minute jog and finish off with walking. I would basically follow this trajectory increase the intensity and length of my run until I am confident in my bodies ability to keep up with the demand.

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