When it comes to a sensitive back, post-surgery or any level of back pain what you do before you start exercising for the day is critical. Before you may have gotten away with walking into the gym and just jumping on a treadmill for a few minutes and getting right after it soon after. If you’re dealing with any kind of reoccurring chronic low back pain it’s time we start training more intelligently and less carelessly. Today I want to share with you two critical exercises you need to do before you kick off your workout.

How do you normally warm up before your workout?

Today’s video will be covering two powerful steps to creating the perfect workout for someone who has a sensitive lower back. We have always been told that warming up is critical to any safe and successful workout even if some of this information is outdated and frankly wrong. We can all agree that some kind of warm-up is paramount to getting the body primed for a workout.

For those dealing with a sensitive lower back or any kind of post-surgery “return back to normal activity journey” it’s critical that you start priming the body for the activities ahead.

Just to set the record straight stretching and foam rolling is NOT considered a good warm-up for those dealing with lower back pain.

Stretching alone needs to be taken out altogether. l’ll give you a pass with foam rolling since there are some short term benefits.

The two pre-workout activities I want to talk about today are walking and strategic core exercises. If there are two critical things sensitive backs need more of, it is neighboring musculature recruitment and more trunk stability.

Without getting too far ahead of myself take a minute to check out today’s video. If you need help tailoring your walk or core “pre-firing” exercises let me know. If you are a Private Member you have access to some of the best core exercises for this exact reason, you can pick from any of the beginner to moderate level exercises inside the membership portal!

A good warm-up routine can really set your workout apart from the typical agonizing, pain-inducing ones you may be used to.

If your workout buddy has a crappy warm up share this article!!

What does your warm-up look like? Let me know in the comment section!

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