Stretching is an overly prescribed solution to back pain. In fact I spent 6+ years following the “Best stretches for back pain relief” you will commonly find all over the internet. There is a point where you have to stop consuming the thousands of articles and videos you see covering stretches for back pain and start listening more to your body. Today, I want to share with you why I STOPPED stretching and started to see more relief in my body then ever before.

So, I have been spending time on YouTube lately doing a lot of the old searches I would do when I was at my worst. A lot of these individuals and specific videos bring back a lot of memories. Some good and some bad. Which inspired me to do more of two things

1 – Shoot more content for YouTube that isn’t just a regurgitation of the same thing that everyone else is still talking about.

2 – Start sharing more from the hip on my approach to overcoming the most common annoyance: Back Pain (from someone who has lived with chronic pain himself). I do that a lot through writing but video is just different and I want to start incorporating them both.

Now, lets cover the OBVIOUS contradiction to this article. Why would I tell you to STOP reading and watching videos that teach you the solution, that sounds crazy considering your reading and going to watch a video (the exact thing that I just suggested you stop doing) on this exact topic.

There is a difference though. What I want you to get from this post is more sense of empowerment. The whole idea behind this website is to teach you the importance of self exploration. This is a HUGE thing we teach inside the Relief Academy. Listen to what people are saying, do a little experimenting BUT and thats a big but, know when to abandon what the masses are telling you to do.

So in light of this passion that I have to deliver content that would not be a waste of your time lets check out this weeks video!

Why I STOPPED stretching to see back pain relief.

I would love to hear your stretching story? Has it helped? Let me know in the comments below!

Your Coach,


3 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Stretching for Back Pain Relief.

  1. Wow, you busted me good. I have dozens of youtube videos saved for when I need them for lower back pain, si joint, etc. I never realized until you said it after I stretch I feel good for awhile, the next morning I’m tight or in agony. I’ll ease into not stretching maybe skip today and see how I feel. Hard habit to break.

    1. The best approach if you find yourself constantly going back to your stretching database is to back off and think more stabilize rather than stretch. Stretching can cause more instability to what is already an unstable area (inflamed or sensitive LB). This is something I would suggest anyone do before we hand out stretches Hint: One of the reasons we don’t have a stretching section in the Membership Portal 😉

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