Do you have a hard time finding core exercises that DON’T cause low back pain?

The Halo kettlebell core exercise is one of the most underrated exercises that even people with sensitive backs can manage.

They look so easy and make you look a little silly while you doing them but don’t underestimate their impact!

If you want to build a strong neutral spine foundation you need to start doing more of these exercises!

You can do the kettlebell halos as a part of your warm-up or program them in as a dominate core exercise. Either way, just do more of them!

One thought on “The Core Exercise That Nobody Seems To Be Doing (back pain friendly)

  1. Really nice options here for back-friendly exercises, it is nice to have several routines to complement targeted areas without aggravating problem areas when it comes to back pain. In my experience utilizing things like stretching and even meditation, such as what is described in this article, can add to positive results and experiences. Thanks for the info.

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