Welcome to another Friday of Coffee and Coaching 🙂 Super pumped for this week and honestly the weeks to come! 

Today I have two things to share. The first is this weeks video topic over on YouTube.com. We are talking about the worst training styles a lot of back pain suffers start with to “get back in shape”.

If you are not already a subscriber be sure to click the SUBSCRIBE button! The key to kick starting your recovery workout program is NOT to dive head first into some of the most aggressive training programs in the industry.

Even though that trainer or gym owner will tell you it’s the best investment you will ever make..Trust me, it’s not.

Let’s check it out!

Click the image!

The next topic is on the (science backed) reality of habit change. This article comes from a (un-be-known to him) mentor of mine on the topic of habits. He is the author of Atomic Habits which I highly suggest you pick up. 

It’s a super cheap book (under $15) Check it out here

Anyways, our society tries to shove these miracle programs down our throats like “15 days to a flatter stomach or “lose 15 lbs in 15 days”. It’s junk and are no where near sustainable lifestyle changes. 

Instead James gives us the exact amount of time it takes to see a real habit change…It’s not 10 days…its’ not 21 days or even 30 days...

Check out the article for the exact amount of time it takes for your weight loss, movement improvement, exercise habit etc. to finally stick. Make sure you read the article all the way through. He gives some CRITICAL information on the FREEDOM we have to fail and fail and fail some more and still hit these life changing habit goals.

It’s’ powerful stuff.

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

Your Coach, 


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