When it comes to lower back pain and core training it’s important that we do it right. Unfortunately, a lot of “back pain” peeps are told to go strengthen their cores without any real direction. They walk into the gym and see home-boy doing hanging leg raises or bragging about his 100 sit-up challenge he does before bed and we assume that is the best route for us.


In todays Coffee and Coaching episode we talk about the best core exercises for people with lower back pain. We talk about where people go wrong. How to approach core training and back pain along with some examples of some exercises you can try out for yourself.

Core Essentials

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Core Locking

If you want to learn how to master the deep core engagement check this out here.

Private Membership

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Thanks for watching guys and stay tuned. I have an AWESOME core training video with demonstrations dropping soon.


2 thoughts on “The Best Core Exercises for Lower Back Pain.

  1. What are the best stretch bands to get? and from where?

    I need to get back into exercising again- I had fusion of L4/5 & decompression in April

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