Does perfect posture equal back pain relief?

A common theme that has been thrown around is this idea of maintaining a perfect posture with every movement you do throughout the day. I’ll be honest with you. There was a time where I thought the more rigid and neutral my body was AT ALL TIMES, the better I would feel.

When I came back to earth and reality sunk in I soon realized that I was only creating more issues then I was helping.

Posture DOES MATTER especially if you have a sensitive low back or coming out of a spinal surgery but we need more context. Do you have a multi-level fusion and you’re trying bend without using the hips to initiate the movement?

Then yes, your movement posture DOES matter and it will affect your pain.

Do you have chronic low back at work so you force yourself to sit perfectly straight for 8 hours a day?

Then no, this idea of having perfect posture will only create more issues for you.

I dive into this “Perfect Posture” topic and discuss it from a real back pain sufferers perspective after overcoming 8+ years of chronic back pain myself.