The Banded Pull-Downs are a super-effective back and lat strength-building exercise. If you have a hard time doing pull-ups and you don’t have access to a cable machine grab a set of bands and rig this up where ever you workout.

I do these two ways one with my feet up and the other with my feet down. Take note that when you don’t have an anchor for your feet, going heavier with the band will be harder so think of some creative ways you can anchor your feet while you’re on the floor.

Coaching Q’s:

Make sure your ribs are down core is engaged and lower back is relaxed. This will feel weird at first but if you have exercise-induced lower back pain/tightness normally over contracting the lower back sparks tension and stiffness. We want to teach the brain/body to trust being in this position.

If you have not already, I HIGHLY recommend watching my free workshop on exercising pain-free.

It covers:

  • What you should do before you start working out to prep the body.
  • When you should do core training and what exercises I suggest you start with.
  • What you need to stop doing before and after your workout immediately if you want to exercise pain-free
  • My exercise modification strategy for people with sensitive backs or post-surgery.

If you want a 4-12 week band and bodyweight training program for you to follow check this out here.

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