Why Posture Corrector Braces Don't Work And What To Do Instead

Do posture corrector braces work? This is a common question I get and when it comes to correcting posture and the short answer to this is NO.  

If you have been debating on getting a posture corrector to help alleviate postural tension or low back pain, hang onto that quac and let me show you a better way. 

These posture corrector braces are extremely decieving and what makes it even worse is they are pretty inexpensive. This leaves desperate people who are in pain reaching for their credit cards in hopes that this cheap gadget will be the answer to their problems. 

Well, It’s not and today I want to give you 2 reasons why and 3 ways you can correct your posture and alleviate and pain that is associate with it naturally. 

Do Posture Corrector Braces Work

In short no. Posture corrector braces simply give you the illusion that your posture is better or in fact, you are actually working to correct it. 

The body needs more than just a band-aid to help prop you up. 

In order to really correct poor posture both the brain and body need to undergo change. Habits need to be created as well as strength developed in the appropriate muscles.

In this video, I dive deeper into 2 main reasons why posture braces don’t work along with 3 things you should do instead, Check out the video! 

What Is The Best Posture Corrector?

The best posture corrector is habit change and smarter strength training. Hopefully, by now you are starting to come around to the fact that your body needs more than some rope and velcro to correct years of poor posture. 

So the best posture corrector will involve paying more attention to your body in space.

This is totally different from trying to maintain perfect posture all day so throw that way of thinking out. 

Bringing awareness to the daily habits you do that could be having a negative effect o your posture is the first step in seeing change. Once you have more awareness of your posture throughout the day and are actively correcting the next step is building smarter strength around these new habits. 

Yes, that means building your own “posture corrector” via muscle. 

I did a post on addressing rounded shoulders you can check out here. A lot of the content there will apply here. 

Along with  a video of 5 exercises, you’re not doing that will fix rounded shoulders 

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