Are you trying everything you can to burn belly fat fast and it’s just not working? Have you tried different diets that promise more belly fat loss in X amount of time and nothing seemed to stick for the long term? This is super common yet can be a very simple fix with the right tweaks to what you’re doing. In today’s article, I am going to give you my 6 time-tested strategies to turning your body into a belly fat burning machine (without starving or eliminating the foods you love.)

6 Simple Strategies to Lose Belly Fat Fast

I made a video version of this article so if you would rather watch and listen then read check out the video below!!

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Belly Fat Burning Strategies

#1 Think Sustainable (no matter what that looks like for you)

Sustainable eating is not a diet one just follows. It’s about finding the best way of eating that yields the highest level of adherence possible. If being happy means a little more variety in your foods but less belly fat being lost in a week then you need to be okay with that. As long as your weekly and monthly goals are heading in the direction of your BIG goal what matters is your happiness and willingness to make this new way of eating stick as a lifestyle change not just a quick fix.

Finding this balance and losing stubborn belly fat will look different for everyone. For you it might be you discovering the Keto way of life and falling in love or simply learning how to better balance what you’re doing now. No matter what that looks like you have to look at eating to lower belly fat as something you can sustainably follow and still be happy.

As much as it seems, happiness is not found at the bottom of a Lays Potato Chip bag. Happiness is confidence in your skin and feeling like you have more control over your weight and how you look.

So what are some examples of a more “Sustainable” approach to losing belly fat?

Pick 1 thing for the next week you can focus on and attack it as if it were the last thing on earth. Don’t try to cold turkey everything, this may work for a short term goal but will not keep the passion burning and motivation high 3-4 months from now. Make small aggressive changes from the beginning and build on them as you kick them to the curb.

What is your one thing?

Snacking? Condiments? Sugar?

Pick one change and stick with it for the next 1-2 weeks before adding another. Make sure you are comfortable with the first change before adding a new stressor onto your plate.

Belly Fat Burning Strategies

#2 Lose Belly Fat by knowing your portions.

Not many people want to commit to counting calories for the rest of their weight loss journey. Especially in the long run which is why I prefer to have my clients log their foods for the first 4-7 days of us working together so we can get a good (accurate) idea of where their issues may be. Is it too much food? Too little? Too much fat? Not enough carbs or protein?

We wont know until we dive in.

From there I like to wean them OFF so much tracking and switching to a more “on the go”, mindless way of ensuring their not over doing it at each meal.

I actually wanted to give you my personal portion cheat sheet that I give to my clients. They show you simple ways to master the skill of eye balling to hit your numbers. If you don’t like counting and measuring your food on stupid scales then snag this free resource!

Belly Fat Burning Strategies

#3 If nothing else, target sugar.

If you have a sweat tooth you don’t have to cut sugar out forever. I know a lot of crash diets wont tell you that but we are in this for the long run and never eating another Dairy Queen Blizzard is just not an option. So instead, look for ways to work within your calorie range. If you want 3 Oreos after dinner one night then check the calories and make them fit. I don’t believe in completely eliminating the fun foods from your diet but I do want change if that is my goal. How can we keep the things you love in your diet and still see progress with losing belly fat? This is where a good coach comes in!

Where can we start looking at sneaky sources of unnecessary sugar?

  1. Additives. The number one source that comes to mind is coffee creamer. The good kind that has sugar and creamer mixed so it gives you this heavenly blend of sweetness and smoothness with every sip. This stuff adds up especially if you drink more then one cup. Another source is going from normal soda to diet. It’s still bad for you regardless. So work more towards weaning yourself away from sodas all together and start experimenting with healthier “bubbly” alternatives. Such as LaCroix, Bubbly or something similar.
  2. Bars. There are some healthy options but they still leave too much room for over indulgence and bad habits especially for the busy moms and dads. If you find yourself needing convenience, bars can be a slippery slope so either limit yourself or cut them out completely.
  3. Fruits. Not that fruit is bad for you but it still impacts the blood sugar levels when it matters the most. I have seen the best results when sticking to consuming berries 1-2x a day at most. Too much fruit through out the day will keep you out of the belly fat burning balance your body needs to see results.
Belly Fat Burning Strategies

#4 Burn More Belly Fat by Weight Training

One of the EASIEST ways to burn more fat while you sleep without having to change anything you eat is weight training. Nothing burns more belly fat than increasing dense muscle tissue.

I know some of you ladies are like Eww…that sounds bulky….

But it’s not. In fact, the key to getting lean and looking like a slender, fit female is weight training and building muscle. Lifting weights increases what is known as your Basel Metabolic Rate. This is the number of calories your body requires to sustain life at rest. If you are a couch potato. Your BMR is super low. If you are an active individual who has lean dense muscle tissue your daily caloric requirement will be higher.

What does this mean for you?

Well, this means you don’t have to reduce as much daily calories. You can eat more! This gives you more room to eat the foods you love and feel less restricted.

Belly Fat Burning Strategies

#5 Burn More Belly Fat by Eating More Protein

I see this time and time again. Both males and females not getting enough protein. Healthy protein levels are essential to a healthy belly fat burning strategy. Not only does it decrease hunger hormones but protein helps keep you satiated. Which means less going back to the fridge an hour after dinner.

A solid protein goal is .8-1 gram of protein per lb of goal bodyweight. Notice I said GOAL body weight. So if I am 225 and want to be 185 I would eat right around 170-185g of Protein per lb of body weight. Don’t worry too much about being exact. Your body isn’t looking for a specific number it just wants enough to help you hit your goals.

Belly Fat Burning Strategies
Healthy Fats for Weight Loss

#6 Eat More Healthy Fats

I personally favor a higher fat low carb diet. It works for me because I like nut butters, avocados and red meats. These are staples in my diet primarily because I enjoy the flavors they provide the meals I eat. Don’t get me wrong, I have been known to polish off 2-3 cups of cooked rice in one sitting but I always feel bloated eating a higher carb diet and less satisfied between meals. I notice on higher fat diets you don’t get that deep stomach hunger an hour or so before your next meal. My meals keep me more satisfied through out the day which for me leads to less of a desire to snack.

Again, it’s about balance. What is important to me is salty / savory foods that keep me satisfied longer and leave me feeling lean and in a fat burning zone.

Thanks for reading!

What has been the best advice you’ve been given that has resulted in long term weight loss results?


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