You know what’s super frustrating? Feeling like you’re doing all the things right but you wake up every day forcing yourself to do life and work through relentless lower back pain.

There is a hard line in the sand when it comes to working with someone who is sick and tired of their back pain running their life and someone who wants to change but really hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. Just like someone battling an addiction, genuine change within that person usually comes when they are at rock bottom. When they are sick and tired of living a certain way and are willing to do whatever it takes to change their life. 

WATCH THIS: The #1 Characteristic Needed to Overcome Chronic Back Pain

There is a very specific characteristic that is needed in those who are starting on the journey to beating their chronic back pain with exercise, habit and lifestyle change. In today’s video, I share with you the one factor that sets people apart to being able to see progress with their own personal journey and get back to doing what they love pain free.

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