Have you ever had to stop working out before you even really got started due to low back pain or stiffness? Do your warm-ups seem to irritate your low back, oftentimes causing a full-blown flair-up?

In this video, I am going to share with you the top pre-exercise warm-up strategies that I use when working with a sensitive lower back. These have yielded the best results when applied and tailored to your specific situation correctly. With this knowledge, you can confidently get your body prepped for the workout safely and have more control over your discomfort and potential flair-ups. Don’t let your warm-up be the reason you have to bail on your workouts!

You want your warm-up to be a blend of simple movements to help combat fear-avoidance but also get the body warmed up for the more complicated, full-body movements you do later.

2 thoughts on “The Best Warm-Up Exercises to do Before Your Workout

  1. Hey William,
    the information shared by you is really usefuI. Need more insight from this video.
    have gone through the TLIF of S1L5 ,it’s been 3 months and 1 week, am I eligible to apply said video in my routine exercises?
    Kind Regards, Prakash

    1. Hey Prakash!

      Thanks for being apart of the community!

      This would be what you would ask your provider.So basically see if he/she has cleared you to return to normal activity. If so then you can start the process of applying one of the strategies in the video and see how your body responds from there. Again, the most important thing is to getting cleared to exercise. If you have that clearance then yes, you can experiment with the ones in the video.


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