Low back pain flair-ups can feel like a major setback. It seems you take 1 step forward to take 3 steps back. I totally get what this is like and I know there are so many people with the same frustration.

In this video I am going to show you how to shift your thinking and strategy when it comes to navigating lower back pain setbacks. You will find yourself feeling more in control of your pain while dramatically reducing the length of each flair-up.

When it comes to managing lower back pain setbacks what I have learned to be true is that it’s not about finding the “solution” to the pain or problem but more looking for the progress. There is no magic stretch, exercise or pain med that is going to revolutionize how we experience pain for the long run. We were created to experience all sorts of sensations one of them being pain. The focus we need to have is not how we can never experience pain again bit how do we manage and over come chronic pain environments.

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