Farmer’s Walk Exercise With Dumbbells

The farmer’s walk exercise with dumbbells is hands down my favorite full body and core exercise. During the farmer’s walk (if loaded properly) you are activating so many muscle groups all while focusing on strengthening the body with good posture.

If you haven’t tried the loaded farmers walk exercise with dumbbells you need to start doing these every single day.

You can do them with a hex bar, dumbbell or even barbell. If you don’t have equipment where you are simply grab anything heavy with a handle and do this exercise daily.

My Top 6 Farmer Walk Exercise With Dumbbell Variations

  1. The Single-Arm Hanging Slow Farmers Walk
  2. Double-Arm Hanging Slow Farmers Walk
  3. Single-Arm Racked Farmers Walk
  4. Double-Arm Racked Farmers Walk
  5. Single-Arm Overhead Farmers Walk
  6. Double-Arm Overhead Farmers Walk

Which variation have you NOT done yet? Let me know in the comment section below!

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