Should I Do The Knees To Chest Stretch For My Lower Back?

One of the top stretches low back pain sufferers need to stop doing is the double knee to chest stretch for lower back pain relief. I know it feels good and is the only thing you have found to bring relief to your lower back but as an X-Back Pain Sufferer, this stretch will not bring you lasting relief.

There’s a time and a place for stretching certain muscles in the body but more often than not stretching will not be what you use to get lasting relief (unless there is a clear shortened muscle issue).

In this video, I want to share with you WHY you shouldn’t do the double knee to chest stretch for back pain relief as well as some actionable steps and tips you can focus on instead!

What are some good stretches for lower back pain relief?

To be honest your focus should be elsewhere. I encourage the majority of my clients to not rely on stretching for their relief and focus more around strengthening. Even though some stretches help short term relief, it’s not worth the investment for long term benefits.

Here are some go-to strengthening articles you can check out!

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2 thoughts on “Stop Doing The Knee To Chest Stretch For Lower Back Pain Relief

  1. You once had an article on not doing the shell of prayer stretch. I have a fusion at L4-5 and a cage spanning L3 to L5. I really like doing this stretch it helps relax my hips. So should I not be doing it? And if I shouldn’t be doing it what other stretch can I do. Most weeks I do resistance training 3 X a week. I start with warming up, then abdominal exercises and my back PT exercises and then into full body strength training. I don’t want to damage the disc below or above the fusion and cage, so I am very careful. I have given up tennis, racquetball and zumba. I really have been reading your articles for years now and I appreciate your whole teaching point of view. I also used to be a personal trainer. Paula Massie

    1. Hey Paula, Which stretch are you referring to? The knees to chest stretch or the one you reference in the comment above? Can you share more detail on your entire program? It sounds like you may be doing a lot. If your workout routine is structured right then you shouldn’t need the extra exercises from your PT or need the workout after your core exercises. It depends on where you are in your recovery and how long ago you had the fusion. Can you share a little more?


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