One of the biggest things you need to look at when it comes to dealing with back pain is being able to establish a neutral spine. If your back is inflamed, constantly standing, sitting and walking without a properly aligned spine is only going to lead to more pain. In this weeks quick tip I want to show you a great way to use a PVC pipe or broom stick to help you retrain your body to know what a neutral spine feels like. 

In the video below your going to see me showing you exactly how to use a simple tool to help retrain your spine position. Some of us either have too much anterior pelvic tilt or have too much posterior pelvic tilt. Either way, fixing it is simply and just takes a little effort and consistency.


When doing this exercise try to focus on your abdominal bracing and what it feels like to squat in a good position from your toes to your head. You are trying to regroove muscle memory and teach your body the difference between right and wrong. It’s equivalent to having someone who has written right handed their whole life to spend the rest of their life writing with their left. At first it will seem impossible but with practice and patience they will soon be able to write just as good with their left.

What to look for when doing the broom stick exercise?

You want pain free movement. If you can position your hip in a way that relieves pain and allows you to perform a couple basic body weight squats with the broom stick as your guide, than that’s good. While standing, once you are able find that comfortable, neutral position. Take a few deep breaths and on the 3rd or 4th exhale, brace your abs and hinge at your hips using the broom stick as your guide. Go slow and controlled and stop at any signs of pain. When you come back to the top, think about that original pelvic position and make sure you finish in the same neutral position that you started in.

Check out the video below for a detailed “How-To”


Practice makes perfect. Its going to feel weird and actually cause some muscle fatigue at first but stick to it and allow your body to adapt to this new way of moving. Make this a aprt of your daily routine and I promise your back will thank you for it!

Do you have a more anterior pelvic tilt or posterior tilt? Let me know in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “How to Find a Neutral Spine: Posture

  1. I absolutely love your website and videos. I have McGill’s books and have read innumerable online articles re back pain, but your descriptions, explanations and videos really hit it home with me. Thanks to you, I am on the road to healing after 2+ years of lower back pain. The key is definitely changing the way I move – and do pretty much everything! Thank you for such informative articles; not too long or overly complex and not too simplified either. Just right!

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