The straight arm plank is very similar to the front plank but in my opinion, it’s a bit easier to manage for most people when you compare the two. When your dealing with training the core after a spinal fusion you want to feel confident and in control the entire time and doing planks this way makes you feel more in control.

Do get set up you are going to get into a normal plank position except for this one you will have your arms straight out as if you were going to be doing a push-up.

Once you are in position spread your feet out a little wider than normal (narrow stance will make it a little harder). Once set you will slowly bring your right hand to your left shoulder hold for 2 seconds and return it back to the starting position. You will repeat this on both sides!

You are looking for stability. You want to be able to go from side to side without your hips shifting or needing to shift your weight noticeably from side to side. This takes practice and should be done slowly so make sure you don’t cheat!

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