We neglect our feet by not really paying any mind to them throughout the day. We stuff them in leather or improperly designed shoes all day then complain of how achy and tight our feet and calves feel. If your feet are flat, tight feeling and/or you’re constantly dealing with stiff limbs below the knee this article is for you.

In this article, I am going to teach you how I relieve achy feet and calves in under 15 minutes a day. I am also going to give you the exact exercises that I like to use to address my flat feet.

Bonus content you will find in this article:

-Precise ways to use a tool such as a lacrosse ball on the feet using the “triangle method” to relieve tension and relieve stiff tissue.

-A surefire way to address flat feet and back pain and how to approach the solution.

-A couple bonus tools I am currently using for my feet that are actually kind of weird.

This post will be your one stop shop for all things feet!

All you need to do is read and apply! 

Let’s dive in.

We spend tons of time on our feet. Not only that our feet are stuffed in shoes that don’t really breathe and allow our feet to be used the way they were designed. This leads to all sorts of unnecessary issues like aches and pains traveling up into our calves.

When our feet aren’t happy this affects everything upstream and the next thing inline are our calves, hamstrings and lower back. This kinetic chain continues to move up all the way to the top of your head. Always wearing shoes causes us to disconnect from our feet. We don’t think about how our feet are interacting with the ground. We don’t grip with our toes or splay our toes. The height of our arches are genetic but the muscle control to correct the lack of support is something you can strengthen and develop.

None of this can be done with our feet stuffed in shoes.

First, let’s start with the freshest content. This program is what I am currently working on myself. It’s super simple and easy to squeeze into a busy day.

Let’s say you want to spend a little more time on your feet with a lacrosse ball. If you want to find out the way I use the “triangle method” check out this video here.

Once you have spent a good amount of time on your feet lets move upstream to your calves. The muscles in this section of your lower leg (front and back) have a direct relationship with how the foot works. To put things into perspective the muscles in the front of your shin have a massive impact on the health of your foot arch. If those muscles are tense and weak your foot health doesn’t have many options other then to suck as well.

If you want to watch a quick video on how I address my calves with a foam roller check this out here.

So let’s be realistic though. We have to wear shoes. At the mall, cutting the grass and at work. So let’s look at how we can maximize the quality of our shoe to have a direct impact on how our body and back feel

I have come to believe that the more time we spend in our bare feet learning to engage the toes and muscles of the feet the better our bodies will begin to feel. It’s not about voodoo, tree-hugger stuff. It’s about building awareness.

I go into detail on some of the top shoes on the market. It’s not about the price. Its the design and how well the shoes allow your foot to be as natural as possible.

If you want to give up buying $150 Brooks runnings shoes thinking the better the quality the better they will be for your body then check out this full article here.

For a bonus tip, I want to show you something I have been using myself a few days a week. I found these guys over at  The Foot Collective. They are basically foot nerds. Well, they sell these things called toe spreaders. They help realign the toes and develop a healthy toe spread. This is all very important when it comes to the health of your feet.

Check out the video below!

So that’s a lot to soak in. The last thing you want to do is just click away from this article. So go back through and pick one or two areas you can start spending a little time each night for the next few weeks on. Keep in mind, while some pain symptoms may go away right away, or momentarily, it doesn’t mean to stop or that it didn’t work. Commit to spending this short amount of time every night and evaluate everything in about 3-4 weeks.

Thanks for reading guys! Be sure to share this article with your friends. You never know how much it could change their life.

Your coach,


4 thoughts on “Tight, achy feet and Calves? Do this daily for less than 15 min.

  1. I used to wear vibrams (toe shoes)all ths time for years and eventually replaced them with minimalist Altras. Then I herniated a disc in my spine snd bought the most cushioned shoes i could find. The back pain and sciatica got worse. Today I put on a pair of vibrams and about 10 minutes later I could feel my right foot again. I went on a walk and was in zero pain by the end. I think I should give them a good test to see what they might do. Seeing your post on feet right as I was figuring this out, maybe a bit of kismet.

    1. This is awesome to hear Kevin. The best way to approach any minimalist shoe is progressing slowly over time. Don’t just jump in them and run a 5k. Take your time and be mindful.

  2. This looks very helpful. I have RA and fall at times b/c my hips and ankles are weak. These exercises might relieve the bottom of my feet/c of back fusion and neuropathy.

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