How do I do the reverse lunge the right way?

Mastering the landmine reverse lunge should be on everyone’s bucket list. Well, maybe that’s a bit much but the landmine reverse lunge is an excellent lower body and core exercise that if done right can be an AMAZING addition to your already stellar program.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Be Doing More Landmine Reverse Lunges

1) They are safe for sensitive backs or post-surgery warriors

2) Excellent for the overall development of the lower body no matter what your goal is (size, strength, endurance, tone-ness)

3) Requires minimal equipment

4) Super-versatile exercises that can be modified or changed to hit different muscle groups.

I put together a short video highlighting the key components of the perfect landmine reverse lunge but before you jump in here is a simple coaching checklist you can follow!

The Landmine Reverse Lunge How To Check List

  • Stand with the bar in your hand resting on your chest.
  • When ready, step back into the lunge while maintaining control of the bar as you step back.
  • At the bottom position, you can adjust your body to be in the best position before stepping back up to the standing position (this is critical for good form).
  • Alternate legs being sure to hit both sides evenly.

This is one of those exercises you don’t have to be afraid to do no matter your history. Listen to the coaching I give and adjust for your specific situation accordingly.

2 thoughts on “How Do I Do A Landmine Reverse Lunge? (THE RIGHT WAY)

  1. Hi my name is Luz and I’ve been watching your videos and reading all your great info,about how to properly workout our bodies, I love them and do them and with the little info,I get from you I have improve my back pain but I am sorry to say that I can’t afford your personal training at this time . I have lower back and neck fusion and your workouts are really good and have help me tremendously thank you.

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