Do bench step-ups cause any kind of weird lower back pain for you? Can you do them fine without any kind of discomfort DURING the workout but pay for it days later?

In this video, I am going to show you how to master the Bench Step-Up and also show you my little secret to doing these with little to no pain especially if you are dealing with a bad back.

2 Critical Bench Step-Up Mistakes

There are a few key points I want you to pay close attention to with this exercise.

1 – It’s all about balance: You have to feel balanced and in control the entire time. The biggest mistake I see in the gym is people using too much momentum to execute the exercise. The arms need to be out front to help keep the weight centered and your body more balanced.

2 – Complete control the entire time: This piggybacks off the momentum aspect of the exercise. There should be ZERO momentum with this exercise. If you find yourself rocking forward or back at any point in this exercise then odds are the bench is too high for you. Bring it down and start at a level where you can safely and comfortably do the exercise without any rocking.

Check out the video for the rest of my secret sauce to mastering the bench Step-Up! 🙂

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