Does the Side Plank cause lower back pain for you? Did your Physical Therapist or Doctor tell you to start doing Side Planks or other plank variations to help or prevent lower back pain?

The Side Plank is one of my go-to exercises for any level of fitness enthusiast especially those with lower back pain. Unfortunately, it is one of the most butchered exercises in gyms and clinics all over the world.

Most people do them wrong or go from 0-60 with someone who is not ready to do a full weight-bearing Side Plank. I am going to give you my personal coaching cues that I use to teach the Side Plank to beginners and advanced gymgoers as well as lower back pain students.

If you follow these cues to the T you will notice how much more control over your body you have during the Side Plank as well as less pain.

Your Coach,


2 thoughts on “How to do the Side Plank With Low Back Pain

  1. Will, I just want to say thank you for all of your help. I did tile for ten years and my back has taken a beating. I have now been in the fire department for 2 years and have discovering new ways to overwork my lower back. You have helped me and many of my coworkers with your practical solutions and guidance. From sitting the right way on long road trips to exercising properly you are helping us all do what we love brother! Thanks again!

    1. Doug, Wow this means so much man. It brings me so much joy that from what you’re learning, you have been able to help the people around you! That’s awesome! Definitely keep me posted and anything you guys would like to see covered let me know!


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