If you crack your own back and currently deal with chronic back pain you want to watch this.

We all do it. You’re sitting at your desk and starting to feel stiff and achy so you reach around your chair and twist your trunk looking for that self-induced “pop” or “crack” that goes up your spine.

The myth of cracking our joints (I believe) has been debunked and proven that it doesn’t cause things like arthritis.


When it comes to chronic back pain we have to look at it a little differently. In today’s video, I share 2 GROSSLY overlooked reasons why the habit of cracking your back will cause a chronic cycle of pain you will constantly chase.

Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Is Back Cracking Bad For You?

  1. Hi! This was a very interesting Topic! Thanks for sharing.
    I have the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. So pretty much all my joints from head to toe pop intentionally and sometimes not intentionally. I have a L5/S1 herniation and while my low back never gets popped intentionalky, sometimes I feel a pressure in the right side of my back right below my last rib and I just take a good deep breath and then boom it pops!
    My upper back, is where I constantly feel like I have to pop it. And when I say constantly it means like at least 3 times every hour!

    What are your thoughts about it? Considering that I’m EDS patient.


    1. Hey Lauren,

      This, of course, is just my opinion I am not a doc but it seems this would fall on the statement where I said the fact that joints pop intentionally or unintentionally is not really an issue. It’s the overexertion trying to get our backs to pop that could be causing further irritation. Are you following any kind of strength training program?


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